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About Us

TENYU TECH. INC. focus on the research & development, production and sales of various types of automatic fire extinguishing devices. Our main products include: hang-type auto fireball, household auto fireball, light throwing auto fireball, car engine auto fire extinguishing device. All the products had been granted the national fire inspection report, CE, ROHS, etc. Currently, our products are mainly exported to the United States, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Dubai, South Korea and other countries.

Latest News

  • June 01 2021

    What are the precautions of vehicle mounted fire extinguisher

    Vehicle mounted fire extinguisher can only be used to quell early small fire. When it is found that the engine compartment begins to smoke, it should be sensitive to open the car cover to quell the fire. At this time, the fire is still very small, and the on-board fire extinguisher is still useful. If the fire is big, you should immediately escape from the vehicle to prevent the formation of personal injury. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to equip a small car with a fire extinguisher of about 1kg. If it is a bus, Zui is easy to use more than 4kg. So the bigger the fire extinguisher is, the better. It's suitable. The fire extinguisher will be expired. Pay attention to regular maintenance. We should always check the pressure value of the fire extinguisher and whether it is overdue. The green area of the pressure gauge is the normal value, the yellow area is the warning value, and the red area indicates that it needs to be replaced.

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  • May 24 2021

    Tenyu Tech was invited to attend the New Fire Fighting Products Seminar of Shenzhen Fire Bureau

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  • May 18 2021

    Tianjin Fire Protection Association internal meeting site today

    We(Tenyu tech inc) was invited to attending the meeting of Tianjin fire protection association

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