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Automatic fire extinguishing the principle of fire

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Dry powder extinguishing ball device consists of foam shell, built-in dry powder drive, ABC dry powder fire extinguishing agent. When the external lead is ignited, the driving medium is activated and the shell rapidly expands and ruptures. The dry chemical fire extinguishing agent rapidly sprays to the protected area and rapidly diffuses to the surrounding area to form a completely submerged fire extinguishing state, The flame is extinguished by both physical and chemical dry powder fire extinguishing agents.

Automatic fire extinguishing the ball characteristics

Dry powder fire extinguishing media, safety, environmental protection

Unique dual-lead design technology, 3s instant fire;

Automatically start the fire, to facilitate the elderly, children operating;

Fire Extinguishing Class A / B / C / E / F covers fires with a space of 1-9m³;

Fire ball start sound, remind the surrounding staff in time to find the fire, to avoid greater losses;

Unique moisture-proof process and open flame start-up mode, suitable for any extreme harsh environment;

5 years long long term, 5 years without any maintenance costs;

Access to a national invention patents, a national utility model patents and design patents 3.