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Automatic fire extinguishing ball installation method and maintenance

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There are three ways to use the powder extinguishing ball device:

(1) Place the holder directly on the holder, then flatten the holder to any specified position.

(2) Place the dry powder bulb assembly on the mounting bracket, and then mount the mounting bracket to the closet, or to the wall, using M4 self-tapping screws.

(3) Put the powder extinguishing ball device on the mounting bracket and then suspend the mounting bracket to the suspended ceiling or other mountable position with M4 self-tapping screws.

Dry powder fireball device maintenance instructions

A. Extinguishing ball device housing should be regularly cleaned according to environmental conditions, dust and stolen goods and found that damage should be promptly replaced.

B. Dry powder does not require quality inspection of the dry powder during its use.

C. Fire-fighting equipment maintenance-free, fire extinguishing equipment is valid for five years.